I wish I had the trick of a really good author, as Walker Percy said, a knack for: ‘Fiction doesn’t tell us something we don’t know, fiction tells us something we know but don’t know that we know’. As RBG says,  she  picks just the right word, reads it to herself aloud and is inspired by her teacher Nabakov.

Percy also said the effect of  knack was

after he masters his one or two tricks, does his little turn, some readers tend to ascribe this success to a deeper wisdom — whereas it is probably the very condition of his peculiar activity that he doesn’t know anything else — which is to say that a person who asks a novelist anything about life and such, how to live it, is in a bad way, indeed.

I suspect that if you asked a wise lawyer why the law was the way it was, you would get an explication of English common law derivations that means little.  Better to ask us to take a position and back it up with facts and law.